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Kamis, 31 Mei 2012


This trip suddenly happened when Dian, my colleague went to her home town in MedanOur itinerary at 1st will be heading to Parapat, Lake Toba,  then Brastagi. But the itinerary changed, because another friend Cita, also want travel to Medan with Yogga and Ezar.  It's a blessing, the cost share is cheaper (budget traveler).Due to incorrect prediction of time that should be within 4 days to see, but because of distance in North Sumatra, going everywhere is quite far, as a result for 4 days 3 nights, we 'only' went to Siallagan Stone complex site in Samosir, little hunting in hotels surrounding in Tuk-tuk, trekking while  fed orangutans in Gunung Leuser TN and tubing (rafting) in Bahorok river, Bukit Lawang, visited the house in Simalungun Bolon (since the heavy rains , so we just seeing from inside the car), Sipiso-piso waterfall, around the city of Medan on the last day. 

Finally on June 2nd, 2011 , I went alone from Jakarta to Medan, got picked up in Polonia airport by Dian. Cita, etc flight direct from Bandung, and goes directly to Parapat. Me and Dian, took the travel of Polonia (Rp 65.000. - / Person, car mini van) promptly at 1 pm, a car KIA content of 7 people, with AC heading to Parapat. I got a warm welcome from the driver, who gave me Batak's clan name, which is Sijabat , Si Jawa Batak aka The Batak Javanese.

From Medan to Parapat took 5 hours via Tebing Tinggi. In the middle of nowhere in Parapat, the car suddenly rund over nuts and bolts. So have to change the tire on the roadside. What a dejavu incident, it happened in Surabaya before, my friend Farida, her  motorcycle tire suddenly blowout, and it happened again, oh no. Dian who craving for the famous Ganda bread from Parapat can not passing the shop, because we have to catch the ferry to cross from Parapat to Toba that only once in an hour. Finally we arrived at Lake Toba, wow what a beautiful scenery. Toba is it the biggest lake in Indonesia, and now I can see it myself. We arrived in the Port Tigaraja, Parapat, at 5:30 pm. While waiting for 30 minutes, we are having dinner at the nearest halal restaurant. If there's a loud horn, it means the ferry will leave soon. 

Normally the ferry ticket Rp 5.000. -, but I have to pay Rp 15.000 because the last ferry is at 6 PM. We crossed from Tuk-tuk to Bagus Bay inn, about 45 minutes. We stay in traditional Batak house inn for RP 200,000 only (private bathroom) with two small beds and a big bed in it. So  each of us share Rp 40,000. Unfortunately, the price of food and beverage here quite expensive. For fried egg cost Rp 22,000.

Bagus Bay Inn
The second day, from early morning photo hunting around the inn. After that having breakfast in the Fajar Islami restaurant, seeking halal food quite hard in here. At 10 AM, we start to explore Samosir. Got disappointed with the bike that we've rent, because we pay Rp 60,000  with an empty gas tank conditions. Ezzar taught Dian how to ride a motorcycle, only in 5 minutes, she can ride it, cool. Chasing time, we only had little time to visit  Siallagan Batu Complex Site, because we have to chase boat back to Parapat, to go to Bukit Lawang at 12 AM. Need more than 2 days to see all the beautiful places in Samosir. 
Siallagan Batu Complex Site

At Siallagan Batu Complex Site
Finally we parted with Dian who went to Medan. Having finished lunch at Islam Murni restaurant in Parapat, we continued our journey to Bukit Lawang via Kabanjahe-Brastagi,  to visit Bolon house in Simalungun and Sipiso-piso waterfall. Heavy rain coloring our journey. So at Bolon home we only see it from inside the car. After that we went into Sipiso-piso waterfall. At Sipiso-piso waterfall, we go down to the 1st tower only. We can see the beautiful scenery around Sipiso-piso waterfall and lake Toba view from TonggingWe continued to Bukit Lawang. Before entering the Kabanjahe city, there's a congestion that causes the driver take initiative to pass an alternative way to Brastagi. We arrived at Brastagi around 6 PM, we decided to have dinner. After Brastagi, the challenge began. The road is fogging so thick that visibility is less, so the car can not drive fast. 

Lake Toba
Sipiso-piso waterfall
Lake Toba view from Tongging
Lake Toba view from Tongging
Finally we arrived at Bukit Lawang Bahorok at 11 PM, welcomed by the river roaring sound. Under conditions of fatigue, we still have to walk from car park to the lodge and cross a suspension bridge that flows beneath fast-flowing river Bahorok with only a flashlight. Such an adrenaline test. In Bukit Lawang, we stay at Junia's House Inn, the rate Rp 100,000/night for 2 people. Before sleep, we talked with a guide for tomorrow plan. Previously he offer for trekking Rp 300,000/people, watch orangutan feeding and tubing in the Bahorok river after lunch. It's too expensive, the information from internet, price Rp 350,000 for 4 people. After negotiate, finally agreed Rp 500,000 for 4 people. Turned out later, there are friends who went to Bukit Lawang after ours, he paid Rp 60,000/person only, and  included caving in Goa bat, while we did not.

The third day, at 8 am after breakfast, we start trekking to see the orangutans feeding in TN Mount Leuser. From breakfast place, we walk about 30 minutes to a location where we had to take such a small boat that pulled by the rope to cross the Bahorok river, holly cow, because the boat very small and the river flowing very fast , leading to the entrance of Mount Leuser TN . What a slippery track that we have to climb  after the rain. It turns out there we can only watch as the park staff to feed into one orang utan named Jeki (yes same name with mine -___-). The rest is just a few monkeys. After that we went trekking in hopes of finding more orang-utans. But inside the forest, we met again with Jeki, this time with her son. Apparently the track is too short, because we are guided to a small waterfall next to the TN Leuser entrance. 

After that we went back to Tubing starting point. Tubing is a term for rafting activities, that use tires in a very large combined-join using the rope, making it resemble boat that  used for rafting. We didn't  use live vest and helmet, because the guide tour said  that it had been used by a group of foreigners who will Tubing after us. The tubing operator said that he usually serve foreigners, not local tourists like us, crap. After completed tubing fun that only took 30 minutes, we were soon packing, having lunch and then continued  to Medan. Arriving Medan at 4 pm, we went straight to Dian home to put the bag. Then towards the Sisingamangaraja to find lodging for Yogga and Ezar. Once out of the few hotels along Jl Sisingamangaraja, we finally found the Trav-ella hostel.  A room with rate Rp 45,000 rate/night.  

Maesjid Raya Medan

That night we went to Merdeka Walk, where most Medan youngster hanging out there. I met Ning Curly there, an old friend in the DF. After that we were guided to Durian Ucok and hanging out in local coffee shops hope to feel the local atmosphere at Saturday night there. The next day, early in the morning , me and Cita, went to Trav-ella, while Dian went to the church. After put bags and having breakfast, we starting the city tour. The first object is Masjid raya Medan (Medan Grand Mosque) which is located not far from the Trav-ella hostel. We have to wear long trouser and women must wear veil there. After that we went to Maimun Palace that not far from the Mosque. Maimun Palace is a beautiful old palace of  Melayu kingdom history in North Sumatra. Unfortunately the palace condition little bit neglected. It need more attention from the North Sumatra government, hope they read this. The next object is Tjong A Fie Mansion. From the Maimun Palace we rented Bentor (motor cycle rickshaw) to around Medan city. Arrive at Tjong A Fie Mansion, we do not join the tour because ticket prices quite expensive, which is Rp 35.000,-  for 45 minutes tour and worried that we have not enough time. Next we headed Kuli Shri Mariamman that located at Jalan Teuku Umar. Unfortunately, when we got there, the temple was closed so we only have pictures in front of his gate. 

Maimun palace
Tjong A Fie Mansion

From the temple, we go to the Shrine of East Mountain. Eastern Mountain Vihara temple is Chinese (Taoism),  the largest in Medan. Finishing the city tour, we went to Bika Ambon Zulaikha outlet, the most famous cake shop in Medan. We went lunch at Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok (noodle). Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok is the most delicious noodle I have ever tried. For Aceh crab noodle menu, the whole plate is fulfilled by noodles, plus crab for only Rp 15,000.- ! The shopper said that they have branch in Kampung Melayu, Jakarta here, I just do not know exactly where it is. Not only bika ambon Zulaikha which is a must-to-be-brought- to-hometown after went to Medan. There Meranti rolls are also famous. Since the branches are near the of the Trav-ella hostel, we decided to buy the snacks there. But the rolls that we want is not available at the branch outlet. So our friend buy it  at the outlet center. While waiting for them, we were sitting at a food court not far from the hostel. Around 4 pm,  we went to Polonia airport and coming home to Jakarta. So it's end of the journey.

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Let’s get lost : Japan ( Part 4 : Shizuoka )

Fuji san

Sampai di Shizuoka, saya dijemput oleh teman-teman kuliah, yaitu Adit, Ni Gak & pasangan, Bertha dan keluarga. Wah sudah lama sekali tidak bertemu mereka. Setelah itu kita naik mobil sewaan., tidak lupa menjemput Erwin beserta keluarga, rame deh pokoknya.  Sewa mobil ke Hakone dan Lake Kawaguhi pake rental mobil untuk 10 orang ( nin nori) yg isinya 8AD+2CH  (8 dewasa + 2 anak). Terus kalau bawa anak kecil pake child seat. Rencananya biaya rental sekitar 3000en for AD & 1000en for CH (include rent fee 12jam, highway, & gasoline). Tempat terkenal pertama yan kita lewati adalah Gotenba  premium outlet. Gotenba premium outlet yaitu merupakan outlet tempat menjual pakaian bermerk dengan harga miring, gudangnya luas sekali. Sayang kita tidak sempat mampir ke sana karena keterbatasan waktu. Shizuoka - Hakone cukup jauh, kurang lebih 3 jam. Kita sampai sana siang hari dan langsung menuju Venetian Glass Museum. 

Venetian Glass Museum adalah musium hutan kaca Venesia , dengan bangunan yang desainnya ala Itali. Salah satu musium terkeren yang pernah saya datangi, karena kaca-kaca kristal yang dipamerkan, terjuntai berkerlap-kerlip warna-warni saat ditimpa sinar matahari, cantik sekali. Tiket masuk ke musium ini 1,300 yen. Website : Kita bisa meminjam kostum dan topeng ala baron dan baronese, lumayan untuk kostum foto. 

Fuji san at Lake Kawaguchi

Setelah makan siang, kami meanjutkan perjalanan menuju Lake Kawaguchi, di mana kita bisa melihat gunung Fuji dari dekat. Ternyata suhu di Lake Kawaguchi sangat dingin sekali, benar-benar menggigil kedinginan ketika sampai di sana. Danaunya sangat luas, banyak terdapat penginapan di pingir danau. Pemandangan melihat sunset di danau dengan siluet gunung Fuji benar-benar cantik sekali, terbayarkan sudah rasa capek pergi jauh-jauh ke sana.

Senja telah berganti malam. Sampailah kami di salah satu spot ilumination yang terbesar di Shizuoka, yaitu di :

Period : Nov 10, 2011 – Mar 11, 2012
Hours : 16:30 – 22:00 ( 17:00 – 21:30 after Jan 6, 2012 )
Access : Free shuttle bus available from JR Mishima, Susono, Iwanami Station, and JR Gotemba station.
Admission : Free. ¥1000 for the fountain show.
Number of lights : 3 million bulbs

Bayangkan saja, 3 juta lampu warna -warni yang disusun sedemikian rupa, menghiasi terowongan sepanjang 370m benar-benar pemandangan yang indah sekali. Banyak boneka-boneka salju dan tema-tema lainnya yang dihias sedemikian rupa dengan lampu-lampu warna -warni sehingga terlihat menarik.  Ini merupaka salah satu bentuk kekreatifan orang Jepang, di saat musim dingin. Sebenarnya saya ingin melihat pertunjukan air mancur 3D, cuma karena keterbatasan waktu, akhirnya nggak jadi, maybe next time.

Selesai melihat pertunjukan lampu-lampu ilumination, saatnya kami berpisah. Saya pun segera di antar ke eki/stasiun dan menunggu shinkansen ke Nagoya. Saya hanya sehari di Shizuoka, tidak menginap, jadi benar-benar merasa capek sekali, tapi puas. Thank you for everything guys, arigato mina san. 

- Shizuoka --> Nagoya
6 Jan, jam 21 : 58 - 23 : 11 Kodama 687 

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Let’s get lost : Japan ( Part 3 : Osaka)

Saya sampai di Osaka tengah malam. Karena sudah tidak ada subway tengah malam, dan sepertinya tidak bisa menumpang tidur di stasiun, katanya sekarang kalau menumpang tidur di stasiun bisa ditangkap polisi, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk naik taksi saja ke apartemen teman kuliah saya, Kristin. Kalo kata penulis buku yang saya baca, naik taksi di Jepang itu sama saja dengan mengacaukan rencana traveling di Jepang, karena mahal sekali argo buka pintunya. Travelmate saya juga sudah memperingatkan, jangan sampai naik taksi argonya malah lebih mahal daripada harga sewa kamar. Pas buka pintu taksi saya lihat argonya mulai dari 600 JPY. Saya tanya jarak dari stasiun sampai lokasi yang saya tuju berapa jauh, kata supir taksi sekitar 10 menit *makin lemes. Ternyata supir taksi tidak tahu lokasi persis gedung apartemennya, sehingga saya minta turun di stasiun terdekat. Argo yang saya bayar sebesar 1,500 JPY.
Suhu di Osaka tengah malam sangat dingin sekali. Kata teman saya, cari gedung yang paling tinggi. Setelah saya keliling bolak balik, masih nggak ketemu gedung apartemennya. Hingga akhirnya ada  toko minimarket Lawson yang buka 24 jam, saya masuk ke sana. Kalau masih nggak ketemu, lebih baik menunggu hingga pagi di Lawson saja. Saya bertanya kepada kasir apakah ada telefon umum, dia bilang tidak ada. Saya lalu menanyakan apakah dia tahu letak apartemen yang saya cari, dia lalu mengeluarkan peta, ternyata letaknya 1 blok di belakang Lawson. Akhirnya ketemu juga apartemen yang dicari. Namun saya tidak mengerti cara masuk ke dalam apartemen, harus memencet beberapa tombol supaya pintunya terbuka. Tak lama kemudian, keluarlah seorang wanita dari pintu keluar apartemen tersebut, saya minta tolong mau pinjam HP-nya untuk menelefon teman saya. Eh dikasih pinjam, malah saya juga diantar sampai depan pintu kamar apartemen teman saya tadi. Baik sekali ya wanita ini. Untungnya saat itu Kristina memang lagi bangun tengah malam karena sedang menyusui baby-nya, jadi saya tidak menggangu tidurnya. Sayangnya kedatangan saya di Osaka berbarengan dengan habisnya liburan tahun baru si Kristin, sehingga dia tidak bisa mengantar saya keliling Osaka.
Keesokan harinya, berbekal hand phone yang dipinjamkan Kristin, dan panduan arah dari Kristin dan Yos serta peta yang saya pegang, saya keliling Osaka sendirian. Setelah sempat nyasar karena salah naik subway, akhirnya berada pada jalur yang benar. Saat di subway, tiba-tiba ada seorang pria arab (ganteng) yang menghampiri dan bertanya apakah saya nyasar karena megangin peta melulu, dan apakah saya berasal dari Indonesia. Bukan main terkejutnya, lagi di negri orang, masih ada saja yang tahu bahwa saya orang Indonesia. 

Tempat pertama yang saya tuju adalah : Yodobashi camera, merupakan tempat penjualan elektronik terbesar di Osaka. Setelah puas cuci mata, saatnya makan siang. Salah satu kuliner yang terkenal di Jepang adalah restoran Korea yang dimiliki oleh orang Korea asli yaitu di Tsuruhashi Korean Market (kampung dan pasar tradisonal orang korea, banyak yang jual kimchi), akses bisa dengan LOOPline juga. Bentuk restorannya seperti rumah biasa saja. Saya sempat parno ketika dibawa masuk ke ruangan atas rumah itu, ternyata  restoran tersebut memang berada di lantai 2, sedangkan lantai bawahnya merupakan rumah hunian biasa. Makanan khas Korea, Kimchi, kurang mantap rasanya di lidah saya, karena terlalu manis. Ibu-ibu Korea yang punya rumah bertanya asal saya dari mana, sepertinya jarang bertemu dengan orang Indonesia (disangka liburan kuliah). Selesai makan siang, saya segera menuju Osaka castle naik subway. Taman di sekitar Osaka castle sangat bersih, seperti umumnya taman-taman kota di Jepang. Sungai yang mengalir di tengah-tengah taman juga airnya sangat bersih, benar-benar nyaman berkeliling ke sana ke mari. Saat di sana saya bareng dengan rombongan orang-orang yang saya duga berasal dari Laos ( dari bahasanya), karena raut mukanya plek sama dengan orang Indonesia kebanyakan, mereka juga ngeliatin saya, dan menebak-nebak apakah saya serumpun dengan mereka (liat-liatan deh). Setelah berjalan cukup jauh ke dalam, akhirnya sampai di castle. Kastil ini berdiri kokoh sekali, seperti yang biasa saya lihat di gamba-gambar. Karena keterbatasan waktu, saya tidak masuk ke dalam castle, hanya berfoto di depannya, dan di taman sekitarnya. Hari mulai senja, saya bergegas menuju area perkantoran di sungai sebrang kastil. Ketika masuk ke dalam gedung untuk naik tangga penyebrangan, tidak sengaja melihat kantor pos. Saya lalu masuk untuk membeli perangko, ternyata ada ATM , saya coba ambil uang dengan kartu BCA, ternyata bisa, syukurlah. Pepohonan di sekitar perkantoran ini masih banyak yang berwarna merah, sisa-sisa musim gugur, indah sekali warnanya. 
Taman di Osaka Castle

sungai di Osaka castle

Pintu gerbang Osaka castle

Papan nama Osaka castle


tanda jalan untuk tuna netra

Mengejar waktu, saya segera menuju stasiun, naik kereta menuju Universal Studio Jepang, naek JR Loopline jalur 1 ke arah shijonawate nanti ganti jalur kereta ditengah yang arah ke Universal city station, tapi kadang2 ada yg langsung k USJ juga. Sampai USJ saya hanya hendak berfoto di depan globe Universal Studio yang merupakan icon di semua US. Saya memang tidak niat masuk ke dalam untuk main wahana, karena udara sangat dingin menggigill. Ternyata banyak juga anak muda Jepang yang minta tolong difotoin di sana. Ketika hendak membeli souvenir khas USJ, sayangnya tidak bisa , karena tokonya hanya ada di dalam, kita harus beli tiket dulu.   

Universal Studio japan

Puas berfoto ria, saya mengejar kereta menuju area pertokoan dekat Kedutaan Indonesia di Osaka, mampir dulu ke Zara , lihat-lihat harga barag-barangnya rata-rata harganya setengah daripada Zara di Jakarta. Sayang tidak ada waktu mampir ke toko Uniqlo yang tokoknya termasuk yang terbesar di Osaka. Puas cuci mata, saya janjian melihat illumination dengan Kristin di Midosuji, akhirnya bisa jalan-jalan dengan Kristin walau cuma sebentar. 

Illuminations Midosuji
"Illuminations Midosuji", adalah menghias pohon gingko di sepanjang jalan Midosuji Street dengan lampu terang , yang diperpanjang hingga  500 m pada tahun ini, menjadi sekitar. 1.9 km, yang merupakan Illumination terpanjang di Jepang. Menggunakan LED dari "Midosuji kuning" yang melambangkan warna gambar musim gugur gingko, dan "cherry" yang terang, pemandangan yang indah ini tak tertandingi di mana pun di dunia ini, yang diciptakan dengan iluminasi dari "Colonnade cahaya" pada batang gingko kokoh dan "Stardust" yang berserakan di cabang-cabang . Silakan lihat di iluminasi baru, yang didekorasi dengan warna putih dan merah, melambangkan bendera nasional Jepang, dan sebagai bentuk doa untuk pemulihan di daerah bencana Tohoku.

Tempat Midosuji: Osaka persimpangan ~ Shinbashi persimpangan
1 chome, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka ~ Minami-Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Malam terakhir di Osaka, stelah re-packing, akhirnya saya meninggalkan beberapa pakaian yang tidak perlu di apartemen Kristin, semoga nanti dibawa ketika Kristin pulang ke Indonesia (ngarep). Keesokan paginya, saya berangkat pagi-pagi buta diantar oleh Kristin ke stasiun kereta, mengejar Shinkansen ke Shizuoka.

- Shin-Osaka --> Shizuoka
6 Jan, jam 6 : 08 AM - 8: 10 AM Hikari 504

 Terima kasih untuk Kristin dan adik-adiknya atas masakannya dah keramahtamahannya ^^.

Osaka (akses bisa nake JR line (New Rapid/ Rapid), Hankyu Line, Hanshin line (Express Train) dari Sannomiya stasiun)

- Osaka Station (JR Stasion) atau nama lainnya Umeda (nama wilayahnya)
- Yodobashi Camera (seberang JR Sation)
- Umeda Skybuilding
- Yodoyabashi (yodoyabashi Station Midosuji subway line *satu stasiun setelah umeda)

1. Spotnya Japan Bank
2. Midosuji Street
3. Osaka Central Office 
4. Nakanoshima river

Semua spot di sini juga bagusnya pada malam hari, karena city view dan suasana di tepi sungai

Shinsai bashi (Midosuji subway line) 

1. Spotnya pusat pertokoan antara honmachi hingga namba panjangnya hampir sekitar 5km

2. Patung Glico
3. Kehidupan malam di Osaka
4. Patung Kepiting gede
5. Kantor Konsulat Jendral Indonesia Osaka
*catatan daerah ini aktif sampe jam 8 malam, krn pertokoannya pada tutup, tinggal night club dan izakaya aja yg masih buka
5. Namba (namba Sation, Namba Park)
6. Pusat elektronik Nipponbashi (jam aktif Cuma mpe jam 7 malam)

    Osaka Castle (akses dr JR Osaka Station LOOPLINE jalur 2 yg arah ke  Tsuruhashi)
    Tsuruhashi Korean Market (kampung dan pasar tradisonal org korea, banyak yang jual kimchi) akses bisa dengan LOOPline juga
    USJ Osaka (naek JR Loopline jalur 1 ke arah shijonawate nanti ganti jalur kereta ditengah yg arah ke Universal city station, tapi kadang-kadang ada yang langsung ke USJ)

Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Chiang Mai from Wat to Wat

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok. It's located in the north part of Thailand, near mountain, no wonder there is so many breathtaking scenery here. Thanks to Air Asia promo ticket, I got promo ticket from CGK -Kuala Lumpur (LCCT) - Chiang Mai (CNX), with Farida, my travelmate from Surabaya.
I stay a night at Reggae guest house 2 in Kuala Lumpur (30 Ringgit Malaysia (RM)/night mix dorm), before catch up the morning flight from LCCT to CNX at 7 AM. Reggae 2 located at Petaling, China Town KL. From LCCT to KL Sentral terminal, we took sky bus AA, for 9RM. From KL Sentral took LRT to Petaling Street for 1RM. The hostel located nearby the LRT station in Petaling street. Because I have to wake up early in the morning at 3AM, take a cab to LCCT airport, I didn't sleep at all night long ! The flight from LCCT to CNX airport took about 2h45mnts, quite long, and I can't sleep in airplane -__-".

I arrived at Chiang Mai airport at 9.30 AM. My friend Farida who has arrived a day before, she said that I have to rent a car for 120 baht, from airport to our hostel at Deejai Backpacker hostel ( 120 baht/night for 2 person, include fan, shower) that only 2 KM from airport. Well a very nice car indeed. At Deejai , the front office woman is very beautiful Thai lady with amazing tattoes at her foot, she told me that our room at 3rd floor. "Go upstair and surprised your friend, Farida", she said. So I went to my room and knock the door. Farida very surprised, and think that I was a food seller woman or something. After discuss, we decided to rent motorbike 150 baht /day, to go round the old city Chiang Mai, from Wat to Wat, from temple to temple. "Are you Vietnamese or Thai ? Are you moslem ? Are you working ? What will you see at Chiang Mai ? " A Malaysian makcik who sitting beside me in airplane asked that silly question. "I'll go from Wat to Wat makcik !" Just like Ayutthaya, the old and ancient city, Chiang Mai is fullfilled by many Wats. We went to gas station. The gasoline at Thai around 30 baht/litre (Rp 9,000 up/litre). So we only bought 1 litre, because Farida said is enough for 1 day. The 1st place we visited is the gate of ancient city. Chiang Mai such a small city, unlike Bangkok whichs traffic like hell just like Jakarta, capital city trademark, the CNX traffic very quiet. There is no taxi and bus at all. The public transport only tuk tuk. Too bad that there's many people there who ride motorbike don't wearing helmet, and there is no police in road.

The first Wat we visited is Wat Pra Singh Voramahavihara, with free entry. The next place we visited is Tha Phae Gate, the Chiang Mai old city landmark that the wall is rounded all the old city part. There's a large field there where people use it for gathering. There's a bicycle club who gathered there. There's also a huge stage where charity show for flooding in Bangkok is held. We also saw the reservoir of the Chiang Mail old city. Next Wat that we visited is Wat Lok Molee. After that we are looking the route to Night Market , but accidentally we found a mosque in Chiang Mai. It's huge and very modern mosque. There's a lift inside ! A lot of moslem people who sell halal food there, Alhamdulillah. On the way to next destination, suddenly rain fall and we stopped by at a in Wawee coffee, such a lovely cafe. After take a rest for a while, we went to Wat Jedyod, it's located outside the old city complex. Quite far from town. Next we went to Chiang Mai public park, such a nice big park with big lake, a lot of pigeon, we can bird feeding there. The last Wat we visited is Wat Chedi Luang Wora Wiharn, which is the biggest temple in old city complex.

The next day we want to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, is the most important and visible landmark, and overlooks the city from its forested mountain backdrop. This temple is 15 kilometres from town , 3,520 feet above sea . We've seen a lot of breathtaking scenery on the way to the mountain wuth motorcycle. We can see the whole city , include Chiang Mai International airport runway from above. We'll pass Chiang Mai zoo, where's there's Panda inside. We'll pass some of waterfall with entrance fee 100 baht for foreigner and 30 baht for native (phew!). We passed a beautiful temple with a Budha statue that covered with white paint from head to toe, very nice. There's alot people who bicycle-ing climb up the mountain. Well the route quite hard, because it's getting higher and higher. But the weather very friendly, not too hot, and the wind is freezing. The way to the Wat Suthep no too far, but because we have to stop many times to capture many beautiful scenery , of course we won't miss it ! it took 2 hours to reach it, but I enjoyed every minutes of it.

Finally we reach Wat Suthep, there is two way to reach the temple in the top of the mounitain. We can use cable car by buy ticket for 50 baht (include entrance fee), or you can use stairs , very high stairs. We decided to use cable car. This is the 1st time we have to paid to enter a Wat in Chiang Mai. We have to queuing to wait the cable car that can be fill in with 10 people, just like an elevator. It took about 5 minutes to reach the station above, what an experience inside the climb up cable car. Finally we reach the famous Wat Suthep, above in the top of mountain, with beautiful scenery, where there'sa lot visitor who praying there or tourist like us, who took photo in front of the gold coloured Wat. It's getting noon, and we were went back to town. We stopby at Chiang Mai university had lunch in the biggest mall in Chiang Mai. Too bad even in the biggest mall there, it's very hard to find halal food, because mostly are pork included. Finally we found Chicken only resto there.

Looks like Chiang Mai people are party goers, they go party everynight. Me and all my travel mate in hostel went party from cafe to cafe, bar to bar, till drop, seriously, I fall asleep in bar ( so sleepy, can't stand of it). FYI, the most cheapest place to buy souvenir and the most famous market in Chiang Mai is the sunday night market, it's the biggest night market I ever saw in my whole life. It's located around old city street. All road is fullfilled by everykind of shop stall, from souvenir, food, even massage chair service until street musician that perform in traditional until classic musical performance there, very interesting.

There's a lot reason to visit Chiang Mai again someday, especially most of the people are friendly. Nice to know y' all.